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A Booming Season 6

After the launch of Season of the Drifter, Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 has seen some fast-paced developments. We have gained many new faces and increased our focus on PVE/PVP balance within the clan. In late March, Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 incorporated with Clan Superb, and many fine Guardians joined our ranks. Additionally, we have been selectively recruiting highly skilled Guardians with impressive Destiny backgrounds.

Many of our members have recently unlocked the highly sought-after “Unbroken” seal, which has required an incredible amount of skill and commitment in the Crucible over the past three seasons.



During this time, we also decided within the team, and with influence from our members, to change the culture fields of the clan. While we are still Jan Quadrant Vincent 16, our clan name on Xbox/Bungie.net has been shortened to JQV. Our clan shortname has been changed as well. We are nobly retiring the [LUBE] shortname. Our new shortname is now [XVI].

The future has never looked brighter for Jan Quadrant Vincent 16. Along with preparing internally for Season of Opulence, members have been hard at work acquiring pinnacle weapons, stocking up on materials, acquiring interesting and deadly random rolls, and building chemistry with our new and valued members. Be sure to check out our newly updated Roster page.

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