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Garden of Salvation – World #2 Xbox One Clear

Update 10/24/2019: It has been confirmed that JQV was world #2 on Xbox One and world #3 on console for Garden of Salvation. In addition, a second JQV fireteam was #7 on Xbox and #13 on console! Join us in congratulating the members of the two fireteams:

Team One (World #2 Xbox, World #3 Console): Killomainia, xX Vilescarface, Stealthless, Uglyh0b0, The Eased Crab, Yugito Twotail

Team Two (World #7 Xbox, World #13 Console): Mechanical Wing, Bala, Evil Corrp, Uglyh0b0, vRitzy v, Lifted710Gifted

Other members who deserve mention but were not in the final fireteams: A Shotgun Ape, bumblebee966, HenryBenedict, How Nick, Darth Revan SL, Upyh, VIxtch,  Vortex Blaines, Valkyrie HCS, Zav

With the current Destiny 2 API being restricted with its capacity to associate the Garden of Salvation world’s first leaderboard clears with the gaming system used (Xbox, Playstation, or PC), we had to get a little inventive. We went through the clears and referenced the fireteam members, noting the primary gaming system of each player, and politely messaged fireteams to clarify which system they were on during the raid race, just to make sure. The last thing we want to do is steal anyone’s glory, however, our findings were very exciting.

Simply put, the method is this: a Destiny 2 API website containing the raid race leaderboard will conveniently allow you to view the fireteams in the raid race. Fireteams playing on consoles will have all fireteam members profiles in their fireteam exclusively linked to an Xbox or Playstation profile. Fireteams from console playing on PC may also have all players linked to the same console, but in the overwhelming majority, this wasn’t the case. Until cross-play is a reality, a fireteam with a member from Xbox and a member from Playstation must be playing on PC.

After painstakingly parsing and examining each raid fireteam, we were able to determine with little uncertainty that we were (likely) world #2 on Xbox One for our Garden of Salvation clear and #4 on console. Overall, including PC players, we were #169. It’s due to this high number that we will be discussing potential changes to the way we participate in raid releases when Bungie provides new content for us to enjoy. Just for raid races and other high-tier activities, particularly PVE-related, we may very well join the PC bandwagon. The advantages appear that they may just be too consequential to pass up. This decision is not final, yet.

We here at JQV are incredibly proud of our members. This has been the most successful raid race we have participated in. We will continue to strive to improve and prove ourselves.

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