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Jan Quadrant Vincent Members Kill Insurrection Prime – Kell’s Scourge with a Two-man Fireteam

Happy New Year, Guardians!

Today marks our first Scourge of the Past clear with a two-man fireteam. We believe that have the honor to be one of the first fireteams on Xbox One to achieve this feat. Our Guardians Valkyrie HCS, The Eased Crab, EviL WrecKLess, de rosse 132, Lifted710Gifted, and others have been hard at work with three-man encounters, perfecting their strategy and encouraging other members to participate in the feat.

We continue to work on other feats, as well, such as flawless raiding for the Blacksmith title. Many of our members expect to have their coveted Blacksmith titles moments after the unpleasant “Like a Diamond” bug is fixed.

We continue look forward to what Bungie has in store for the future of the Destiny 2 franchise.

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