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JQV on Approach to Shadowkeep

What a whirlwind of a few months brought to us by the Season of Opulence. Since the release of the last DLC, Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 has been very hard at work improving every aspect of the organization. We have implemented changes in our PVE and PVP segmentations and we also continue to sharpen our management practices and policies. The team’s advisors and senior members have been paramount in creating an elite environment moving into year three.

Guardians who primarily focus on PVE have been working very hard to organize day one groups for the new raid, Garden of Salvation. Our members have devised a system of communication to allow multiple fireteams to enter the raid this upcoming Friday. We feel we failed in our low placement in the previous raid race, and are implementing strategies to better prove our worth to the Destiny endgame community. Be sure to check out our streams during the race!

Our PVP guardians have been continuing to make a name for themselves in the competitive crucible community. We’re receiving more hate mail than ever, and we love it. While we strive to be a positive force in the Destiny community, we’re honored to know that so many players out there know who JQV is and what we’re all about. At the end of the Season of Opulence, JQV has five members on the top 50 ELO boards for Xbox One, and many, many more in the top 500.

JQV has also implemented a competitive environment within the clan in the form of scrimmages, pick up games, and raid races. To date, we have held dozens of these events. Please feel free to join our Discord for a chance to participate.

Founder of Jan Quadrant Vincent 16

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