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Last Wish – World #7 Xbox One Clear

We are very proud to announce that Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 has once again proven that we have grown into a genuinely elite endgame team. For the first time in our history, we achieved a week one clear with a full fireteam. This clear was for Last Wish, the most challenging raid that Bungie has produced for the Destiny franchise. Only 202 fireteams cleared Last Wish before the first reset, compared to over 6,000 fireteams who cleared King’s Fall on the first day. This raid clear is by far our proudest achievement to date, but we do not expect to slow down from here. We are now in preparation for the release of Prestige Mode Last Wish, and eagerly await the return of Trials of the Nine. We are spending the Trials offseason developing strategies in private matches.

We have learned a lot from this expansion. We had become accustomed to the relaxed atmosphere of Season One. We now know that Bungie can and will surprise us, and plan to make changes in the future to better prepare for competitive events. Previous scheduling and grinding tactics will be tossed out the window, and we will develop what we feel are adequate strategies moving forward. We are genuinely excited for what the future of the Destiny franchise holds, and hope to continue to refine our skill and camaraderie more and more as the game progresses.

That all being said, please give it up for our Last Wish raid team!





Valkyrie HCS



We must add honorable mention to Lifted710Gifted, Moreno es BuenovReverend, Darth Revan SL, EXILEDxCHICKEN, and HawkpantherRokk, who were also key assets to the clear in the earlier encounters in the raid. As well as many other members of the clan, who helped with developing strategies and providing insight.

Founder of Jan Quadrant Vincent 16

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