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Raid Ready – [XVI] Members Await Last Wish

Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 has started year two off with a bang! We are very proud of our teammates, and we have been working to set the bar for light level in Destiny 2. As of this post, you can see many of our members in the top 100 light levels in the world via the Bungie API; this is no easy feat. We must say that it would be much harder, though, if Bungie did not do such a phenomenal job with the Forsaken expansion. We are more than pleased, as is the rest of the Destiny community, with the expansion, and are having more fun than we’ve ever had as a team. The future looks bright for Destiny 2.

Tomorrow our hard work pays off. The Last Wish raid is being released at 10:00 AM PDT. We have multiple fireteams ready to tackle the bosses the moment it goes live. Be sure to check out our Twitch streams to get in on the action!

Best of luck to all of the other raid teams seeking a world ranked Last Wish clear!

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