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[XVI] Eagerly Awaits Black Armory!

Our last update was to announce our Last Wish clear, as being one of only a handful of fireteams to complete the raid week one. Since our latest update, Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 has been hard at work deepening our roster and optimizing the team. In the past couple of months, our Guardians have acquired countless titles, Rivensbane included, been acquiring god rolls, testing strategies and new meta, and overall having a great time.

We want to thank our outpouring of new Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers. While we don’t have time to produce as much content as we like, it warms our hearts to see a positive reaction from the community.

The Season of the Forge us upon us. Our Guardians are preparing in every way to hit the ground running on December 4. Expect to see us competing for another world-ranked raid clear the following Friday. We will be streaming as much as we can, so be sure to follow and subscribe to our Twitch streamers and stay tuned for the action!

We also would like to welcome our new members. Deepening our roster was imperative with the massive amount of content given to us, and we’re not done yet. We are always keeping our eyes peeled for exceptional Guardians, and suspect that Black Armory will give future members an opportunity to shine!

Founder of Jan Quadrant Vincent 16

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