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Plans for Future Content

Looking back a year ago from where we are today, Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 would never have imagined our recent feats and success as a team. With Scourge of the Past having been cleared over two months ago, we suspect that we, and other Destiny 2 clans, will need to adapt in the upcoming months to stay active, though in retrospect, there is a lot more upcoming content in the future months than during Curse of Osiris.

Joker’s Wild and Season of the Drifter, while not containing a new raid lair, has some promising features. While we do not suspect to see the return of Trials of the Nine, we are excited the participate as a team in the new Crucible maps and Gambit experience. We are also looking forward to the new raking system.

As a clan, we are also taking a keen interest on Speedruns, an area we have admittedly neglected in the past months. While not nearly as quick as some of the fastest runs, especially on PC, we are very proud of our first attempt with a sub-16 minute run. We hope to research strategies and shave minutes off of that time. 

We were proud to work together with the Destiny 2 community to solve the elusive, and often aggravating Niobe Lab’s puzzle. In addition, we are successfully increasing our presence in the competitive ranks of Crucible, having more and more members reach the Top 500 ranking on DestinyTracker.com. 

We are happy to see that Bungie has parted ways with Activision, and hope to see great things in the future. We will eagerly wait Season of the Shadow, and suspect that we will begin to see the forces of the Darkness become more prevalent. We suspect some sort of open-world PVP will be in the franchise’s future, a prospect that makes this team quite excited.

While our standards have been as high as ever, we continue to recruit top guardians in PVE and PVP. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be a part of our outstanding group of Guardians! 

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