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Join Jan Quadrant Vincent 16!


How to Join

Application Process

Please start by completing the following short application. We will review your application and get back to you. Please note that we will be analyzing various statistics regarding your Destiny 2 history, including raiding history and proficiency, Crucible history and proficiency, and overall game time. If selected as a potential recruit, we will continue the application process with a player interview as a guest in our Discord server. Please note that we are not actively recruiting at this time, making our admission requirements very high.


After You Apply

We will review your application and contact you

We do our best to respond to applicants within 24 hours of the application's submission. Our reply will go to the email address that you provide, so keep an eye on your email. Our team members are required to use Discord for scheduling and communication. A Windows and Mac client is also available. You can join our server as a guest by clicking here.

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