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Scourge of the Past – World #15 Xbox One Clear

Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 is thrilled once again to have achieved a world-ranked placement for the raid Scourge of the Past. Insurrection Prime, Kell’s Scourge was killed after a hard-fought battle with some of our best raiders. While our placement isn’t as high as our previous raids, we are very proud of our team. With power levels ranging between 618 and 637, our Guardians were well under the recommended light level for the raid and below the light level of many of the fireteams that we were up against in this race. That being said, a sincere congratulations to all of the other fireteams and clans that achieved a day one clear; this was no easy feat.

As a team, we continue to learn from our miscalculations. There were many things we could have done to prepare before the release of Black Armory to increase our Guardians’ light level. Many of our excellent members could not dedicate the time to grind as they wished for this DLC, whether it be due to work, school, or family obligations. Thank you to all of our members who put in a great deal of time and energy helping their fellow teammates.


Pease give it up for our Scourge of the Past reset raid team!



Moreno es Bueno

de rosse 132

W1SH 911



Our official world ranking was World #186 cross-platform, World #15 Xbox One.

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