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Season of Opulence [sic read: Excellence]

Let’s be honest. Season of the Drifter was not specifically designed for Jan Michael Vincents. We raid and play the Competitive playlist. While there was no new raid or raid lair to clear or must-use pinnacle PVP weapons to acquire, we feel we certainly made the best of what could have been a lackluster few months. We feel the community may often forget the drought between Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Guardians have been given an abundance of content between December 2018 and now compared to last Winter and Spring. For that, we can only be thankful. During this time, we have done our best to strengthen and balance our roster as well as prepare as best we can for Season of Opulence.

We have welcomed many new faces to the team, and look forward to growing with them over the course of the game. We are very pleased with our roster, and we are no longer actively recruiting; however, we are always interested in having world-ranked players in PVE or PVP, streamers, and content creators join our ranks.

Season of Opulence, or as we have come to call it, “Season of Excellence,” may be the best season yet for Jan Quadrant Vincent 16 and its members. We have been hard at work placing an organizational structure on both of our primary focuses: day one raiding and competitive PVP. We are actively preparing for both a high raid day placement and to continue to excel and improve as a team in Crucible, implementing activities such as low-light raid training and weekly clan scrimmages.

Tune into our Twitch channels to catch the action. We will have many teammates streaming our day one raiding attempts. In addition, our scrimmages are streamed every Sunday at 3:30 PM ET. Be sure to check our Twitter for more information and rescheduling information!

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